Through our partners we can maximize the effectiveness and scope of our project to generate a positive and lasting impact on the lives of children.

Educando, A.C.

Their main goal is to put an end to the poverty cycle through education, training, psychological help and cultural activities.

Huellas de pan

Huellas de pan, A.C.

Organization dedicated to create improvement opportunities for those in a vulnerable situation in Cancun through health and nutrition programs with the goal to feed a complete development.

Mano Amiga Cancun

Colegio Mano Amiga Cancún, A.C.

Institution that offers an academic and all-round development to transform the lives of children with scarce economic means.

APAFHDEM Manos Productivas

It is a non-profit  Civil Association that provides the opportunity for occupational and productive  activities for people who for various circumstances are pursuing the development of their lives with intellectual disabilities, and therefore are not able to be integrated into a job.

Ciudad de la Alegría, A.C.

An organization dedicated to supporting institutions that promote love and joy, the development and dignity of the most helpless people.

Fundación Cozumel

Professionalize and strengthen the philanthropic work of civil society organizations in Cozumel, through human technical and economic support. Through this they plan and implement joint actions in benefit of the community.

Casa Hoga Fundación Palace

Through the Casa Hogar Foundation Palace project, the main objective is to provide a decent home for the less welcomed children which will improve their living conditions through education, health care, emotional care, psychological attention, educational and recreational activities.

Toma el Control, A.C.

Civil association Guide and Prevent to contribute to the integral formation of adolescents at risk, strengthening their personality with ethical values and principles of Human Development.

Trasplante y Vida, I.A.P.

A private assistance institution that promotes and favors the donation and procurement of organs and tissues, providing integral support to patients and families of a condition of socioeconomic vulnerability that require an organ or tissue transplant to recover their quality of life.

Camerata de Cancún

The Camerata de Cancún is a contemporary symphonic ensemble whose aim is to be an engine of artistic, musical and social integration for the harmonious development of Cancun.


Founded in 1997 by the initiative of parents with children with Autism, in order to promote specialized educational and assistance services. It promotes the well-being of people with autism and other developmental disorders, pursuing family integration in every action.

Fundación Jorge Alann A.C.

Non-profit civil association that was established in 2011 in Cancun as an alternative of specialized attention in the study of Autism. The Foundation promotes human development in people with ASD by providing comprehensive care under a humanistic approach.


Partners in social service

Universidad Anáhuac Cancún

Universidad Tecmilenio