Frequently asked questions


¿Who are we?

We are a private assistance institution dedicated to the care of the most pressing needs of Civil Society organizations  for the attention to the neediest children.

¿Who do we help?

In order to promote child development we help civil society organizations that are dedicated to improving the quality of life of children through health ( defined by the areas of health care , nutrition and disability) , education and housing.

¿How do we help?

We provide economic resources, materials and technologicals to moral entities that are authorized to receive deductible donations under the terms of the Income Tax Law.

¿What is the extent of the organization?

The foundation has a national and international reach in all of the regions where Dolphin Discovery Group has presence.


  • Baja California Sur
  • Jalisco
  • Distrito Federal
  • Quintana Roo



  • Anguila
  • Tortola
  • Gran Cayman
  • Jamaica
  • Saint Kitts
  • Punta Cana


United States

  • Panama City Beach



  • Rome

¿Who accredits us?

We are accredited by the Private Assistance Board of the Federal District , the agency responsible for caring, encouraging, supporting , monitoring, advising and coordinating  our work as an organization , safeguarding at all times that our actions are aligned with the fulfillment of our social objective.

¿How can I help?

You can join the project by providing financial resources , donations of any kind , helping us to publicize our cause or by joining our Volunteer Network.

¿Why help through the Dolphin Discovery Foundation, IAP?

We are able to give you clarity in the use of your resources, we want to guarantee that your resources are well invested and also because together we can make synergy for projects with high social impact.

¿Who can join its Network of Volunteers?

Any individual who has a desire to make voluntary and altruistic actions in favor of some cause or with the purpose of contributing to the implementation and development of the organization.

¿How can I enroll to the Volunteer Network?

Email us at  and let us know why you wish to be a part of this great team of solidarity.