Who we are

The Dolphin Discovery Foundation is a nonprofit organization that arises from the commitment and dedication of a company towards its community. We firmly believe that by empowering the collective efforts we can improve the quality of life for the children of Mexico, the Caribbean islands, Panama City Beach and Rome.

Overall Objective

To promote the full development of children aged zero to sixteen using a cooperation model between different sectors of the community to promote an organized civil society with a scheme of comprehensive care.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Contribute to the development of programs that help children with disabilities.
  2. Promote comprehensive care for children in the health area.
  3. Promote the development of programs that ensure that children are well-nourished.
  4. Promote education and values for children in areas of need.
  5. Maximize our efforts to promote child development in Mexico, the Caribbean islands, Panama City Beach and Rome.
  6. Safeguard family integrity by supporting housing programs.
  7. Contribute to the development and consolidation of organizations dedicated to the care children and their needs.

Our Principles

  1. Only with love can we make a real change in our society.
  2. To provide a different world for future generations we must first stop being indifferent.
  3. The act of helping requires just two things: to have the will and the means. Our daily mission is to ensure that either will never lack.
  4. The real reward is not in our efforts, but in the number of lives that we impact.
  5. We can only succeed in our organization if we convert each step into a goal and every goal in one step.

> Mission

To strengthen, promote and support social programs that attend to the children’s most pressing needs.

>> Vision

To be a model of collaboration for the promotion of children’s development in all areas
where Dolphin Discovery Group operates.

> Values

Commitment: To our mission in favor of the children of Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, Panama City Beach and Rome.
Leadership: In each of our actions there is a firm conviction that only a good leader can generate real social impact.
Passion: As an engine that helps us meet our goals.
Honesty: We share what we are and what we do, ensuring the clear communication of our actions and efforts both inside and outside our organization.

Perseverance: Remain constant even under adverse circumstances.


What is an IAP?

The associations that support the acronym IAP belong to the Private Assistance Board, an external firm that monitors and regulates Civil Society Associations.
Dolphin Discovery belongs to the Federal District Private Assistance Board with enrollment number # 809.
The IAPs are non-profit entities, with legal personality and own assets, that execute social assistance acts.
Being IAP is a symbol of trust as it guarantees greater transparency, accountability and full compliance with the law.

CLUNI: Unique Enrollment Key

The CLUNI is a free procedure that does not require managers. It can be obtained at any time. CLUNI is an indispensable instrument for CSOs to have access to support and encouragement from the federal government. The requirements: To be legally constituted, to not carry out political or religious proselytism, to not have a profit, to carry out one or more activities in article 5 of the federal law of promotion of activities carried out by CSOs such as:

  1. Gender Equity.
  2. Popular food.
  3. Educational, cultural, artistic, scientific and technological development.
  4. Strengthening the social fabric.
  5. Defense and promotion of human rights, among others.